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New Products


Steelcase Education Verb™ Active Media Table

This table supports media in active learning spaces.  The monitor can be raised and lowered to meet changing needs in a classroom.

Steelcase Brody Desk

The new Brody desk can be used as an escape to do focused work in an open office, a touchdown space, a mobile worker station or a study carrel in a student commons area.  The screens on the desk provide much needed privacy when concentrating on work or studying.

Steelcase Health Surround

The Surround Collection supports a patient's family by providing a place to rest, spend time with their loved one, work, host guests and meet with clinicians and doctors.

Steelcase Shortcut X-Base

A new take on casual seating with clean lines and modern aesthetics.  Shortcut X-Base brings style and elegfance to cafes, multi-use areas, training rooms, touchdown spaces and more.

Turnstone Clipper

A portable, user-deployable screen designed to provide on-demand privacy for teams and individuals.  

Maxon Prepare

Prepare tables help create workspaces that allow employees to work in a variety of settings-cafes, conference rooms, training rooms, team spaces, as well as providing height adjustable options.

Steelcase Silq

Steelcase's newest chair supports work in collaborative meeting spaces, conference rooms, nomadic benching spaces, touchdown spaces and other short term sitting spaces.  A simple intuivitve chair.

Steelcase Health Regard

Regard provides better places for better experiences. Regard connects people with people, people with technology, but also supports the need for privacy.


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