Our team members rely on each other for their strengths in specific areas. Resources are communicated and shared, best practices are continually improved. Open and consistent communication of content, documents, client needs and changing or expanding workloads are all a part of what the team at Lincoln Office manages and processes every day.

We work with strategic and reliable partners in manufacturing, and a network of service providers to achieve the desired results for our clients. Our process driven, team approach allows each team member to lead during their area or cycle of expertise. This ensures the right people are involved at the right time and with the right skills to manage every aspect of your project.

The team at Lincoln Office has defined roles and responsibilities as they relate to our processes. Each and every member of Lincoln Office has the overall expectations that each member will listen, gather information, problem solve and is responsible to communicate with the team and maintain electronic records. Each team member gives our clients the proper communication and sets the proper expectations of our deliverables.

Lincoln Office Plan

Sales Representative
Understand need drivers & specific needs, develop solutions

Develop & present solutions

Sales Assistant
Process quote

Order Entry
Process order

Customer Service
Coordinate with customer, venders & service team

On-time delivery accurate installation

Lincoln Office achieves this through structured processes. For the successful execution of this project, our team will partner with you to delve into your needs; provide clear, concise and correct communications; confirmations of our fact-finding; budget understanding; design layouts; product and project development and the installation coordination of deliverables.

Our entire team reviews, shares electronic documentation and discusses your expectations so that all of the Lincoln Office team members know what the expectations are and how these can be best achieved for you.