It is much more than providing product for your space. It is about working with you to explore how trends and issues impact your organization and how to re-imagine your environment to support the new ways you are interacting with each other, technology and your space. We look at what you are doing now and more importantly how you see yourself using your space in the future. We understand your organization through site visits, interviews, surveys or observation until we fully understand your organizational needs.

Depending on the size of your project and timeline Lincoln Office and Steelcase led workshops are also available to help your organization self-discover your needs. The goal is to create an engaging session with a few structured activities and lots of conversation. By asking simple, high-gain questions – and listening – we can help you identify new opportunities for your space. We can create interactive sessions where participants can think about their existing and desired work experiences. Below are just some of the workshops available.

Leader Workshops

Discovery Exercise

A Discovery Exercise discussion helps leaders identify and discuss the workplaces issues which impact them the most, building shared priorities.

User Experience

A User Experience conversation and work session identify opportunities to prepare end users for a new workspace by building an action plan.

Active Learning Ecosystem

An Active Learning Ecosystem workshop enables a cross-functional team to establish shared priorities for pedagogy, technology and space.

User Workshops

User Expression Exercise

A User Expression Exercise invites end users to describe elements of their ideal work environment by creating images and words in a collage.

Collaborative Situations Workshop

A Collaborative Situations Workshop explores the activities end users do, aspects of group interactions and how space can support them today and in the future.

Privacy Preferences Workshop

A Privacy Preferences Workshop focuses on the fundamental human need for privacy and end user behaviors at work, including their activities and where they do these activities.