Small Business Projects

Small Business Projects

Roth Pump

Post-Flood Remodel

Roth Pump is a global provider at the forefront of developing innovative, high-quality pumps and systems. A fourth-generation family-owned and operated business, Roth Pump is recognized in the industry for its commitment to product improvements, technical excellence, unparalleled reliability and energy efficiency for clients.

When an eight-inch water main broke at Roth Pump’s headquarters in Rock Island, Illinois in January 2006, almost 8 million gallons of water flooded the building. The water eroded the foundation, cracking and sinking the cinderblock walls, and destroying all of the furniture on the first floor. Roth Pump approached Lincoln Office to provide design services and new furniture. Although Roth Pump didn’t feel the need to change how they worked, they did want to improve the workspace to better meet their needs and update their facility.

The company’s office space was dark and outdated with little flexibility. Steelcase Privacy Walls, a full-height wall with glass, incorporated along the office façade brought natural light into the space. Using Privacy Walls allowed Roth Pump to create meeting spaces and offices that can be reconfigured without a lot of downtime.

Several aspects of the renovation were also for aesthetic reasons, and Lincoln Office used the opportunity to improve the storage, lighting and privacy of the workspace.

A survey of storage needs showed that archive files could be stored differently and that individual storage was needed. Stored archive files dating back to 1945 took up too much valuable space. Lincoln Office created a new archive room to meet this challenge. By consolidating archive storage into one area, workflow could be readjusted and work areas could be reorganized so employees could work together more effectively. In order to meet individual storage requirements, Lincoln Office used workstations with overhead storage to free valuable worksurface space. Additional storage was added without increasing the overall footprint.

Key Challenges & Solutions

  • Since flood clean-up took several months, employees had to be relocated to a temporary area that was prepared to support the work environment in the back of the facility.
  • Budget was a concern, but Privacy Walls were a great investment for Roth Pump, providing a flexible space that can change as the business prospers.
  • Working with a 60-year-old building presented some challenges, but the entire team worked to find the best solutions for the company, with some decisions made in the field.
  • The lobby was a single-story space, but became two stories with the renovation. The exterior wall was extended two feet, and one wall was accented with a dark blue paint to emphasize the new space. A steel and glass entrance was created for a more dramatic entrance.
  • The concrete floors in many areas – including the lobby – were stained a rich, dark brown. In addition, a dark Milliken carpet tile was chosen for the sales and executive office spaces to lessen the appearance of dirt. Roth Pump needed a number of workstations (8) and private offices (11), along with 2 meeting rooms, an archive blueprint room and a break room. The conference room was divided by two large glass sliding doors, enabling them to hold two separate meetings or open the space for one large meeting.