Healthcare Projects

Healthcare Projects

Franciscan Health, Munster

Cancer Center

Franciscan Health Munster- Cancer Center
Munster, Indiana
Installed: October 2017-July 2018

Scope of Project:
3 story addition to main hospital

Project Size: 83,500 square ft.

Estimated Project Cost: $1,000,000

Schedule: On time
Phase 1 completed October 2017
Phase 2 completed May 2018
Phase 3 completed July 2018

Our Account Manager worked with the Project Manager from the construction company to establish furniture standards for the hospital.

Blessing Hospital

Business Center

Blessing Hospital Business Center
Quincy, Illinois
Installed Summer-Fall 2015

Scope of Project:
2 floors
209 permanent occupants
2 corporate entities
3 business functions
11 departments
Meeting spaces
Collaborative spaces

Project Size:  21,000 sq. ft.

Estimated Project Cost:  $1,000,000+

Schedule: The project was finished on time

Jennifer Hines, Lincoln Office

Blessing Hospital has a goal of creating an innovative workspace for the Blessing Support Center.  The departments needed individual workstations, as well as meeting spaces-collaborative areas for quick meetings, conference rooms for larger meetings.

A large multi-use space was also needed for all group meetings and to use as a learning center for the general public.  The space can be divided into 3 large rooms, if needed.