Corporate Projects

Corporate Projects


Chillicothe, Illinois

Mediacom Communications, the local cable company, serving more than 1500 communities across the U.S. needed to expand their regional Customer Care and Dispatch Center in Chillicothe, Illinois. Due to staff additions in the Customer Care Center, more space was needed for the additional workstations. The decision was made to purchase a nearby building, and relocate the Administrative Departments and the Payment Center to the building.

Mediacom needed private offices, a conference room, a break room and a lobby area in this building. Lincoln Office worked with Mediacom and the architect on where office walls should be added to create the new work space. Mediacom, Lincoln Office, the contractor and subcontractors worked together to coordinate a work schedule: building walls, painting walls, laying carpet and installing furniture. Lincoln Office Design created the layouts for furniture placement, selected new furniture, selected building finishes and inventoried existing furniture to see what could be reused. New and existing furniture was installed and people moved into their offices/workstations.

The Customer Care and Dispatch project was divided into 6 phases so employees were minimally interrupted. This group of employees works 24/7 so they needed to be able to continue working as construction and furniture installation was going on around them. Employees were moved to temporary workstations, and then returned to permanent workstations. In this building, Lincoln Office, the architect, contractor and subcontractors coordinated demolition of walls. Lincoln Office Design also provided the furniture layout, finishes selection, inventoried furniture and coordinated the project timeline. The demolition allowed for a more open space in which to add workstations for Customer Care. During construction it was discovered the roof of the building was not structurally sound, and interior structural columns were required for building support. Columns 3ft x 3ft x 2ft deep were added to the interior space at this time. The columns required changes to the original layout, as well as, detailed coordination with the customer and contractor to insure proper phasing of construction and furniture installation without disrupting the 24/7 service. After more than a year of planning, the construction and furniture installation for the project took 6 months to complete.

Key Challenges

  • 24/7 operations; employees needed to keep working during construction & installation.
  • Employee hiring was accelerated.
  • Phases of the project changed as new employees were hired.
  • Structural column construction changed original layout.

Key Solutions

  • Manage and coordinate the project with owner, architect & contractor to ensure as smooth a project as possible.
  • Design a layout that would maximize work space real estate in the 2 buildings.
  • Reuse existing furniture, where possible, to keep costs down.
  • Create phases of construction and furniture installation to ensure employees continue working and have a temporary workstation to use.
  • Demolish walls to open up workspace; add walls in one building to create private offices.
  • Install 192 new workstations; 17 private offices-new & existing furniture; 2 conference rooms-new & existing furniture; 2 break rooms-new & existing furniture & 1 lobby area-existing furniture.
  • Create a break room respite for employees.
  • Bright building & interior finishes give a fresh new look to the existing building.

Pekin Insurance

Work Café

Work Cafés are dynamic spaces that connect people with colleagues, their work, and their organization. It is a destination for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation.

The Pekin Insurance Work Café meets all of these criteria. Lincoln Office worked with Pekin Insurance and a local architect to furnish the Work Café. The result is a casual, comfortable space for employees. It is filled with fun contemporary furniture, and natural light floods the space. Employees meet for a cup of coffee, find a place to sit and discuss projects.

Lincoln Office provided not only tables and chairs, but a casual lounge area with a sofa and two upholstered chairs. Contemporary occasional tables give employees a place for files and laptops.

But the space is not just for groups. Individuals needing to focus will find a place, too. Data and power connections are throughout the space-making it easy to connect to people and information.

Work Cafés give employees a casual space where they can rejuvenate, yet keeps them close to colleagues and resources.


  • Coalesse Enea Lottus dining tables
  • ICF Dry dining chairs
  • Turnstone Campfire Big Lounge sofa
  • Turnstone Campfire Screen
  • Keilhauer Cahoots lounge chairs
  • Keilhauer Cahoots occasional tables
  • Keilhauer Cahoots stools

Wahl Clipper

Building for the Future

When Wahl Clipper decided to build a new global headquarters, they knew this was the opportune time to change their workplace. But how?

They wanted the new building to reflect their company culture and to use it as a recruiting tool.

Lincoln Office met with Wahl leadership to understand how employees work. Lincoln Office asked Steelcase consultants to conduct a workshop that would uncover workplace issues and develop workplace priorities.

The top priorities were discovered during the exercise – 1) Enhance the transfer and exchange of knowledge in the workplace; 2) Support the ways people work as individuals and in teams; and 3) Build a shared understanding of Wahl Clipper culture, values and vision.

Lincoln Office designers took the workshop information and began developing work settings to meet the priorities. They quickly saw that Wahl needed a mix of work areas for individual and group work. Multiple meeting spaces, both open and private, were created for employees. Focused work areas where employees could “getaway” were also necessary.

Wahl wanted whiteboards every where employees meet-a way to capture spontaneous brainstorming. Images of Wahl products are located throughout the space-giving the employees a sense of Wahl history.

Lincoln Office developed work settings that are adaptable, flexible, meet worker needs and can be changed as work changes– these elements create an agile workplace that supports change, rather than resisting it. Lincoln Office, Steelcase and Wahl Clipper have created a workplace that will showcase Wahl products, helps its employees work more effectively and create its vision for the future.