Business is more complex and interconnected – different tools and different outputs mean the workplace needs to be different, too. The workplace brings people, tools and resources together in order to communicate, collaborate, create and innovate.

A workspace needs places for employees to meet-not just workstations and conference rooms, but collaborative places that bring people together; social places to create trust and enhance creativity; and places that contribute to thinking.

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Work Cafe – New ways to maximize your cafeteria, break room space.

Innovation – Create an environment where people and their ideas can thrive.

Privacy – Find the right balance between open areas for collaboration and privacy spaces for focus and rejuvenation.

The workplace is more distracting than ever, taking a toll on employees and their ability to focus. In the October 2014 Harvard Business Review article, Balancing “We” and “Me,” Steelcase reveals how giving people more solitude can actually improve collaboration.

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We need to fit more people into a small space. What types of workstations do you recommend? What are some ways that we
can reinvent our space for
maximum performance?
One of the most impactful ways to improve how your space performs is to understand how you would like to collaborate and what technology you utilize during these interactions. By creating a space that makes these interactions seamless your space will function for you and not be a barrier to communication.
We need our meeting space to double as space for workstations. What do you recommend? "Do work cafes replace the
Café space can take up a lot of real-estate and sometimes may only be used a couple hours a day. At the same time employees struggle to find places to collaborate. Why not design a café space that provides all of the necessities to collaborate and by the way also functions as a café space.
We need our meeting space to double as space for workstations. What do you recommend? "How important is it to have
private spaces and quiet
zones in the office?"
As workstation panels are lowered or removed completely privacy becomes an issue that must be addressed. This can be achieved through acoustical products that minimize reflection of sound or sound masking which makes speech unrecognizable and therefore less distracting. Another option is to provide spaces employees can go to away from the distractions.
We need our meeting space to double as space for workstations. What do you recommend? "Do you offer sit-to-stand desks?" We offer a lot of options to provide the ability to stand and work. From adjustable height desks for individuals to planned standing height options throughout your space giving your employees choice and control over where and how they work.