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Business is more complex and interconnected – different tools and different outputs mean the workplace needs to be different, too. The workplace brings people, tools and resources together in order to communicate, collaborate, create and innovate.

A workspace needs places for employees to meet-not just workstations and conference rooms, but collaborative places that bring people together; social places to create trust and enhance creativity; and places that contribute to thinking.

What’s new in corporate spaces? Lincoln Office keeps an eye out for current drivers in decision making, what makes a good company great and trends that shape workplace design…

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Work Cafe – New ways to maximize your cafeteria, break room space.

Innovation – Create an environment where people and their ideas can thrive.

Privacy – Find the right balance between open areas for collaboration and privacy spaces for focus and rejuvenation.

The workplace is more distracting than ever, taking a toll on employees and their ability to focus. In the October 2014 Harvard Business Review article, Balancing “We” and “Me,” Steelcase reveals how giving people more solitude can actually improve collaboration.

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