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Refurbishing Services

Refurbishing Services

Lincoln Office can extend the life of your office furniture by cleaning or refurbishing panel fabrics, as well as replacing or repairing worn parts.

With our refurbishing services, you can greatly improve your workspace at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Refurbishing is the process of transforming your office furniture – turning yesterday's furniture into tomorrow's workstations.

How that happens is up to you and your budget. Weigh the cost of ownership – your bottom line – with Lincoln Office Refurbishing Services. Lincoln Office can repair or restore your panels (depending on their condition), or replace them with remanufactured equipment like yours.  

You know a clean office makes you and your staff feel better about going to work – and makes your clients feel better about visiting. But you may not know that it could promote employee health, environmental safety, fewer lost workdays and higher productivity.  

How?  Fingerprints, coffee and other stains – as well as environmental pollution – take their toll on new furniture. Not only does it become dull and dingy, it ends up hiding unseen dust and residue that can aggravate colds and allergies.

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