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Facility Services

Facility Services

Facility services encompass a number of separate but related services. Generally, they consist of services to plan, construct, renovate, reconfigure and/or relocate a facility.

The priority of facility services is to become an extension of you – seeing problems and solutions through your eyes. When you have your own facility professionals on staff, we coordinate with them to achieve your vision and provide resources as needed.

We coordinate the physical aspects of the workplace with the people and processes of the organization. As a result, we play an active role in expressing your organization's culture and brand.

Project Management

A project involving new furniture/carpet, moving people to different workstations, reconfiguring the workplace or updating a conference room needs a coordinator. That's where Lincoln Office can help. Lincoln Office can provide customers with one point of contact for all aspects of the project. Your project manager will coordinate Lincoln Office design, installation and customer services, as well as tradesmen and contractors. Your project manager will also create a timeline to ensure that all phases of the project are completed and conduct meetings with all parties to communicate progress to everyone.

Relocation/Move Management

The most important aspect of a company's relocation is the planning that occurs well before any item is moved. Lincoln Office can help create the move plan and coordinate everyone involved. Once the move plan is in place, executing and managing the move requires someone who understands the details, processes and management of a successful relocation. From managing movers and other contractors to supporting end users, the Lincoln Office team understands what it takes to get your employees back to work as quickly as possible.

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