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Carpet Services

Carpet Services

Floor Covering Maintenance

Lincoln Office is a MilliCare® Dry Carpet Cleaning System franchisee. Our carpet maintenance starts after the carpet is installed – before it gets dirty. We establish a cleaning schedule for high and low traffic areas, then monitor the schedule to keep the carpet looking good. There's no downtime due to wet carpet. And, because there is no water or residue left, the possibility of mold, dirt and dust mite attraction is reduced.

With routine cleaning, you will get the most from your carpet!

Carpet Maintenance

Carpet maintenance protects carpet appearance and extends its useful life. Wet extraction cleaning leaves detergents and residues that accelerate re-soiling. A dry maintenance system is more effective for preventing re-soiling and producing the best short-term and long-term results.

Carpet maintenance using MilliCare® advanced polymer-based dry cleaning technology thoroughly cleans and preserves carpet. A custom maintenance strategy based on different traffic patterns in a facility keeps carpet looking its best by providing more frequent maintenance in high traffic areas while low traffic areas only receive occasional service.

Scientific studies clearly show that the Millicare® process improves indoor air quality. Millicare® dry polymers absorb the life-giving moisture molds and microbials need to grow. The polymers help maintain a healthier work environment, not only by removing unwanted mircobials and allergens from carpet, but by preventing them from coming back. 

Millicare® Features:

  • Customized Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance and Tracking Program
  • Local Sales and Service

Millicare® Benefits:

  • Extended Life & Appearance
  • Cleaning When & Where Needed
  • Reduced Air-Bourne Pollutants
  • Healthier Environment
  • Minimal Staff Disruption

Floor Covering Installation

We hire professional carpet installers who will work quickly to get the job done. Our installers specialize in installation of carpet tile, but are also skilled in installing broadloom carpet. Their experience encompasses different types of installations, including installing carpet in new construction, replacing existing carpet and cutting graphics into the carpet.  Are you purchasing new carpet? A high-quality carpet installation will produce professional results and ensure that your floor covering investment makes a positive impression. 

Modular Carpet Tile

Modular carpet tiles are easy to install and more cost-effective than broadloom. You can replace a complete floor of modular carpet without tearing down and moving the workstations. 

The life cycle cost of carpet tile exceeds broadloom. The life span of carpet tile is generally 1-2 years longer than broadloom. Installation of carpet tile is relatively quick and minimally disruptive to employees. Replacement costs are significantly lowered when considering tear-up, disposal of old carpet and lost productivity of employees. 

Carpet tiles also allow easy access to under-floor utilities and can be used to create wayfinding in a large facility.

Carpet Tile Features:

  • Modular
  • Wide Range of Patterns and Colors
  • Invisible Seams

Carpet Tile Benefits:

  • Design and Aesthetic Flexibility
  • Quick Installation
  • Financial Benefits
  • Minimal Disruption to Staff

Lift Systems

Replacing carpet can be a headache. You will need to relocate employees, tear down furniture, disconnect computers and more – all of which require time and added expense. In fact, the related costs can increase drastically.

However, by choosing to install carpet tile, you will be able to ensure a headache-free installation. Lincoln Office provides a lift-system service which literally elevates office furniture to remove your old floor covering and install new carpet tile.

Preparing Your Workstation

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