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Planning A Move

Planning A Move

A checklist to assist with a move:

8 Weeks Before the Move

Communication about a move should take place several weeks before the actual move; inform all employees of your plans.

Designate a project leader and Moving Team to manage delegation and implementation, then schedule planning meetings.

Meet with your Lincoln Office Move Consultant to develop a moving plan and schedule.

Start a central file for all paperwork pertaining to the upcoming move.

Order new stationery, forms, business cards, signage, etc., in preparation for the move.

Work closely with your Information Technology Team from the outset to create a seamless transition of servers and all other computer equipment.

Consider developing a mailing and other communication strategies to announce your change of address.

Start drafting your change of address notification list.

4 Weeks Before the Move

Meet with your Lincoln Office Move Consultant to finalize the moving plan and schedule.

Finalize the floor plan for the new space.

Prepare Move Instruction Packets for employees, providing the move schedule and instructions for preparing, packing and purging.

Plan and schedule an employee Move Orientation Meeting, if deemed necessary.

Notify customers, vendors, banks, credit card companies, magazines, etc., of your change of address.

Contact utilities (electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV) to arrange switchover transfer dates (disconnection of services at your present location as well as connection of these services at the new location).

3 Weeks Before the Move

Conduct employee Move Orientation Meeting.

Distribute Move Instruction Packets to employees.

Assign individuals to be on-site during the move to answer questions.

Contact building management at the new location to review policies and procedures for move-in day.

Arrange loading dock and elevator reservations as needed at current and new locations.

Arrange for mail to be forwarded after the move.

2 Weeks Before the Move

Schedule a company cleanout day shortly before the move to encourage employees to leave behind no-longer-needed papers.

Distribute extra purge-and-shred bins to contain discarded papers.

Make a list of employees who will not be present for the move; assign an individual to pack and label items from work areas.

Assign individuals to pack and label items in common areas such as the entryway, reception area, kitchen, lounge, etc.

Draft an emergency contact list for the move process (Building Management, Elevator Maintenance, Utilities, etc.)

Contact your insurance company to arrange transfer of coverage to the new location.

1 Week Before the Move

Conduct a final Moving Team meeting to review the schedule and finalize plans.

Assign a designated Move Preparation Area in your current space.

Boxes and other moving supplies will be provided and placed in the Move Preparation designated area.

Employees should begin packing 3-7 days before the move by:

  • Removing and packing all items from panels and desktops.
  • Packing items in file drawers and personal drawers (pens, staplers, paper clips, etc.).
  • Labeling boxes. (Provide labels or have employees write name, department and number of boxes, e.g., 1 of 6, on a piece of paper taped to each box.)
  • Taking personal items home to avoid damage.
  • Locking desk file drawers, tagging keys and storing keys with the Move Coordinator.

Items too large for boxes such as calculators and computer peripherals should also be labeled. (Consider using color-coded labels for each department to easily spot misplaced items.)

Your Information Technology Team will coordinate computer/equipment disconnections, moving and reconnections.

Assign a designated Move Coordination Area at your new location.

Moving Day

Supervise packing, loading and unpacking.

Check to make sure all utilities are on and working properly at the new location.

Items not already stored in boxes should be packed.

All boxes, furniture, etc., will be loaded and transported to the new location.

Boxes will be positioned and unpacked as instructed.

Items without labels should be placed in the designated Move Coordination Area.

Conduct a thorough walk-through of your former office space to ensure that all items have been moved.

Immediately After the Move

Encourage employees to quickly unpack their own boxes.

Unpack all other boxes to make sure you have everything. If something is missing, check designated Move Coordination area.

Break down boxes and take them to the designated area.

Conduct a thorough walk-through of your new office space to identify boxes that still need to be unpacked or brought to the designated area.

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