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Many organizations invest in their spaces and usually make very few changes over the next 7-10 years. Over time, the spaces become less effective in supporting employee needs.   Lincoln Office and Steelcase can help create and maintain an engaging spaces that adapt as your organization evolves. Our combined services and capabilities are designed to provide support through every step of the process.  Steelcase is much more than a source for products.  They are:


  • They make products that solve problems – everything from architecture to furniture to technology.
  • They leverage innovative materials.
  • They have world-class manufacturing capabilities.
  • They partner with the world’s best brands to give customers easy access to more choices.


  • They are constantly researching, experimenting and exploring the boundaries of what’s possible
  • They test ideas on themselves, so they’re sure they’ll work before they get to their customers.


  • They are design thinkers. They not only listen, they observe.
  • They observe how people work to discover their unmet and emerging needs.


  • They have relationships with thought leaders, think tanks, universities and customers, which challenge them and make their ideas better.

At their core, they believe in creating great employee experiences by thinking about people, technology and place together as a holistic ecosystem.


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