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Desks & Tables

Surfaces That Work

Your personal and teaming work surfaces are where everything happens, and you require and expect high performance from them. Desks and tables do more than hold your computer and coffee cup. Height adjustability, flexible configurations for variable work environments, beautiful materials, customization options and more make your workplace function better. Talk to a Lincoln Office sales consultant for help finding the practical innovations in work surface solutions you need.


Steelcase Airtouch promotes wellness in the workplace by letting employees change postures during the day.

Bassline Tables

turnstone Bassline tables allow you to bring a unique look to the office.

Brody Desk

The new Brody desk can be used as an escape to do focused work in an open office, a touchdown space, a mobile worker station or a study carrel in a student commons area. The screens on the desk provide much needed privacy when concentrating on work or studying.

Big Table

turnstone Big Table, like a kitchen table, brings people together.


turnstone Bivi lets you add tables, storage and lounge seating as your needs change.


Steelcase Currency is a contemporary desk collection.

Elective Elements

Steelcase Elective Elements can meet your changing workplace needs.


Steelcase FrameOne adapts to support a wide range of work styles.

Maxon Surpass

A freestanding desking solution that is flexible and versatile to meet your work style. The modular design means Surpass can be reconfigured as needs change in the workplace.


Steelcase Migration height-adjustable desk promotes healthy postures throughout the day.


Steelcase Ology height-adjustable desk supports the wellbeing of employees.

Simple Tables

turnstone Simple Tables reconfigure easily, letting you rearrange your workspace.

Verb Collection

Steelcase Education Verb is a collection of furniture for today’s active learning classrooms.
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