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Innovations in Enhancing Concentration

The surroundings you provide affect how human beings in the environment focus their attention on their work. Control visual distractions, provide ergonomic support and supply convenient surfaces for notebooks and mobile devices. Consider active seating that engages their core and include lounge settings that work for collaborative groups or intensive solo focus.


turnstone alight provides casual seating in a collaborative setting.

Bivi Rumble

turnstone Bivi Rumble seat is modern lounge seating that can be freestanding or integrated into the Bivi system

Brody WorkLounge

Steelcase Brody WorkLounge lets you get away without leaving the office.
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turnstone Buoy promotes movement in the workplace with a curved base that lets you tilt, wobble or spin

Campfire Lounge

turnstone Campfire Lounge brings style to any collaborative space


Steelcase Cobi designed to foster collaboration and to keep you energized during long meetings


Steelcase i2i chairs foster collaboration: keeping users eye-to-eye and engaged with one another


turnstone Jenny is a modern and classic style at an affordable price


Steelcase Health Regard is a modular lounge system that supports users as they wait


turnstone Shortcut is a versatile chair for the way you work.

Campfire Skate Table

turnstone Skate Table lets you work in a lounge setting comfortably

Campfire Slim Table

turnstone Slim Table complements any lounge setting and lets you power your devices


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