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Understanding Your Goals

At Lincoln Office, we learn how your business or institution operates. We start by understanding the overall goals of the business/institution and how the workspace can be affected by changes in other areas.

Lincoln Office focuses on four major markets: business, healthcare, higher education and government. While each market is unique in its function, all are similar in needing a flexible workspace to meet the needs of their staff and clientele.

The Workplace

Creating places where employees choose to work – not because they have to, but because they want to.

Today's workplace must address the diverse ways people are working. It must support enhanced collaboration and privacy, the essence of knowledge work. It needs to engage and attract people to work at the office instead of the coffee shop. The workplace should nurture personal wellbeing, and leverage organizational culture and the company's brand. Overall, this workplace must make the most of every square inch of an organization's real estate.

Organizations know they need to bring their people together, but also know it needs to be in a place that does something different than what it's done in the past. The workplace should help employees become more engaged and more productive.  

Workplaces designed for an interconnected world offer the right blend of spaces and solutions to support the ways people work.

There should be a mix of...

  • I spaces for individual work
  • We spaces for group work
  • Owned spaces that people know are available for the group
  • Shared spaces used by multiple people across the organization

This approach recognizes that people need to do both individual and collaborative work. And it breaks the paradigm that all individual spaces should be assigned or "owned," or that all group spaces should be "shared."


       Have a Cup of Coffee and improve employee wellbeing and productivity.



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