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Marquette Group Case Study

Marquette Group is the Yellow Pages Industry’s premier provider of innovative Yellow Pages programs and interactive solutions. For over 45 years, the company has specialized in providing qualified, measurable leads on a local level by promoting national brands through print and online Yellow Pages, interactive advertising and direct mail. Marquette Group is one of the top five Yellow Pages agencies in the U.S. Their addition of new services and clients resulted in the need for more employees and additional workspaces.

Lincoln Office was asked to develop workstations and meeting areas for the Marquette Group to see how the space could accommodate additional workstations and meeting spaces. Interviews with department managers were conducted to determine the number of employees, size and type of additional meeting spaces required.

“We requested a very aggressive time frame to design, contract, order and install the furniture for our office,” Jeff Corron, Chief Financial Officer of Marquette Group, said. “Although Marquette Group made numerous mid-stream changes, the entire process was handled very creatively and professionally with an eye on the timeline we requested.”

In order to create additional workstations and meeting areas, it was necessary to decrease the size of private offices and create workstation layouts which were smaller than their current ones. To maximize the amount of worksurface available, worktools were used to provide accessible storage and clear the worksurface. Our discussions with Marquette Group led us to provide various types of meeting spaces from traditional hard wall conference rooms to open, impromptu meeting spaces throughout the area.

Our project management services included hiring a contractor, coordinating demolition, construction, electrical, painting, carpet installation and furniture installation. In addition, Lincoln Office developed a timeline to ensure that work was completed and the customer’s move-in date was met. The project was divided into six phases because employees continued working in the space during demolition and installation of the carpet and furniture.

Lincoln Office was able to provide the Marquette Group with a more effective workspace that better utilizes the real estate, while meeting their need for additional workstations and improved communications between and within teams.

   Key Challenges

  • A rapidly growing staff resulted in the need for additional workstations.

  • The current layout would not accommodate the extra space for additional employees.

  • The growth in employees meant a greater need for improved communication among the staff and management.

   Key Solutions

  • In October 2007, demolition began; carpet and furniture were installed by the end of the year.

  • Lincoln Office created a more efficient workspace by making better use of the real estate – walls were demolished; private offices redesigned; and new paint, workstations and carpeting were added throughout.

  • Managers’ offices were located near staff, making communication easier. Additional conference rooms and meeting spaces give staff areas to meet and brainstorm.

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