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Panel & Seat Refurbishing / Cleaning


Refurbishing is the process of transforming your office furniture – turning yesterday's furniture into tomorrow's workstations.

How that happens is up to you and your budget. Weigh the cost of ownership – your bottom line – with Lincoln Office Refurbishing Services (you can improve your office for a fraction of the cost):

  • Panels and privacy screens – Lincoln Office can repair or restore your panels (depending on their condition), or replace them with remanufactured equipment like yours. The result is a blend of panels that retain the same updated look without the investment in new equipment.

  • Panel width and height reduction – Lincoln Office can improve the airflow in your office or redesign a new teaming space. We can reduce the height and width of your existing panels. That maximizes your return on investment by using existing assets.

  • Seating – Lincoln Office can repair or reupholster using fabric, vinyl or leather to create like-new office seating.

We can accomplish most refurbishing services without disturbing your current office environment – either during or after working hours. We can also do the work at our service center.

Renewal Services

Refurbish existing panels, seating and files to extend their useful life. Services include panel and seating re-upholstery, fabric cleaning and electrostatic painting to metal components, e.g., pedestals, files and other storage units.

Refurbishing existing furniture can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Panel refurbishing includes replacing worn or dated fabric and replacing or painting trim. Panel height and width can be reduced to accommodate changing workstation layouts. 

Reupholster seating using fabric, vinyl or leather to create like-new office seating.

Clean & protect panel and seating fabric using CFR technology to remove stains in fabric and apply fabric protection to help prevent future staining.

Electrostatic painting of files and cabinets brings new life to metal surfaces. 


  • Panel Refurbishing
  • Seating Re-upholstery
  • Fabric Cleaning
  • Electrostatic Painting


  • Customized Finishes
  • Quality Assurance Tracking Program
  • Local Sales and Service


  • Extended Life & Appearance
  • Improved Company Image
  • Reuse of Company Assets
  • Healthier Environment
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs


You know a clean office makes you and your staff feel better about going to work – and makes your clients feel better about visiting. But you may not know that it could promote employee health, environmental safety, fewer lost workdays and higher productivity.

How? Fingerprints, coffee and other stains – as well as environmental pollution – take their toll on new furniture. Not only does it become dull and dingy, it ends up hiding unseen dust and residue that can aggravate colds and allergies.


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